• Well, I was a talented youth, full of potential. Everyone thought I'd go far. Of course, I earned some of it. But truthfully, my parents were pushing me to use my talents. When they were no longer available to prod me in the proper direction, I slacked off. (That would be college, of course.)

    So, let's play THEN and NOW. Here's what I had THEN:

    • Excellent schools, gifted/talented classes
    • Several summer programs, based on academic or vocal skills
    • High school track record for 800m dash
    • National Merit Scholar Semi-Finalist
    • Tied for best Florida Scholar math score
    • Selected for two vocal ensembles
    • SAT score of 1450
    • Perfect ACT score
    • Perfect AP Calculus score
    • Full scholarship to Loyola University in New Orleans

    Pretty good, huh? And what did I do with all this potential? Here's what I've done NOW:

    • Lost scholarship after first year
    • Skipped classes
    • Dropped math major, went into Computer Science
    • Took six years to graduate college with a BS in Computer Science
    • Became a salesman for Amiga computers
    • Went into tech support
    • Eventually became a full-time programmer/analyst
    • Haven't been singing in any organized group

    Pathetic. I should have had the world at my feet. I should have proven Fermat's Last Theorem by now. My mother sighs a lot.

    My friends from the Honor classes and special programs have all become researchers, scientists, and PhDs. They've participated in ground-breaking discoveries and activities. They've launched Space Shuttles, looked through the Hubble, and investigated earthquake phenomena using supercomputers I'll never see, let alone touch.

    They tell me that at least I have a life, as evidenced by a family. I consider this to be patronizing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not unhappy. I just look back at my youth and realize that I have wasted a great deal of potential. As you can see, I have a lot to make up for.

    I'm constantly coming up with interesting inventions, program ideas, and marketing slogans. If I ever get too depressed, I'll list them here and let them go to anybody who wants them. Until then, I'm a huge resource of information just waiting to be utilized. Go ahead, ask me something.

    Have you wasted your youth? Write me and give me your brag sheet. If I find you to be interesting, I'll add you to the Gallery of Wasted Potential! What an honor! (You can also write me through your browser.)

    So you find this interesting, and you want to know more about me. You really don't have anything better to do, have you?


    Mug Shot Name Judebert
    Known Aliases GreyFox, Random, slothman
    Real Name Unknown
    Family Status Blissfully wed, honeymoon over, three kids
    Employment Full-Time, Software Engineer
    E-Mail no spam, thanks

    Let's see; did I leave any personnally identifying information out? Yes. Good.

    As you can tell from the details above, I can't devote my whole life to this page -- I've got a family AND a job.

    Any pages I have will be mentioned in the Table of Contents, in order to help you navigate faster and more easily to what you want. Since I don't want to serve up broken links, I can only post actual information about things I know. Like:

    • Programming (including networking, Java, Unix, Windows, graphics, and simulation)
    • Science Fiction (I like the hard SF best)
    • Parenting (father of three girls)
    • Gaming (although I hate the 3D stuff... except Descent II!)
    • Computers (I just built another one)
    • Fractals (I've got this idea for a fractal animator and morpher I know I'll get time to work on someday)
    • 3D rendering, ray-tracing, and animation

    If you want information on anything I know, just e-mail me. I'll build a page whenever I get free time to serve up your info.

    What, no e-mail? It's not working? Have a convenient form! You can send me your opinions right from your browser.

  • I made this for my desktop. It was supposed to look like Fred drew it himself, but it doesn't have the necessary transparency. I'm figuring out how to fix that, and I still work on this once in a while. I think it captures the primary Megatokyo characters (other than Yuki, who just wouldn't fit) in characteristic poses.

    All the art is taken from the online webcomic panels. Bonus points for figuring out which panels it all came from; mega-bonus for suggesting a better panel! Available in jpg and png formats.

    Actually, that was too tough; I couldn't get all the characters in, so I decided to make a series of backgrounds. Here you can get all the Megatokyo girls, in jpg format or in png format.

  • This is only very questionably art. Really, it's a Magic: the Gathering expansion meant more for humor than anything else. Since I can't draw, the only pictures are card borders. (These were made before Google Image Search; now maybe I'll be able to flesh them out sometime.) If you don't understand MtG, this won't even be funny for you.

    Continue reading "Magic: the Thanksgiving"

  • I want to own portraits of myself in every universe/style imaginable. Someone already drew me in Scott Adam's Dilbert universe, from which I picked my online identity and this picture.

    When my whole office started making South Park pictures, I personally created this picture, with some help from the Gimp.

    Next stop: I want a Judebert in the Megatokyo style.

  • Yes, this is where I keep all my artwork, if you can call it that. (Go ahead, write me to confirm this opinion. Waste your time, see if I care.) Since I can't actually draw a straight line, I use computers that can. I'm was actually pretty active in 3D modeling and animation; held a job doing that for a few years. I haven't had any time for that recently, so instead I've done a little composition in my free moments.