That's right, the big 4-0. Well, in my case, the big 1-0. Forty years of experience, only 10 birthdays. Perhaps that's why I'm so much less concerned about it than some other men. No midlife crisis here. At this point, I can't resist the obligatory Simpsons quote. As Bart said: "Well, enjoy it while you can. Everything changes when you hit the big 1-0. Your legs start to go, candy doesn't taste as good anymore--"

I used to say that I wasted my youth, and I was working hard to make up for it. My mother recently informed me that I had done no such thing -- and I learned early on not to argue with my mother.

Therefore, you can no longer find any angst or moaning about my lost potential here. Well, you can find it, you just have to work hard.

In honor of this revelation, Judebert's Wasted Youth is now Judebert's Progress Report! I may not have a squandered past to make up for, but that doesn't mean I'm ceasing my efforts. I'll continue programming Contraction Timer, Serendipity, Christmas Roundup, and other projects. I'll continue making tutorials. I'll still contribute to Open Source. And I'm definitely finishing my electric car! This site will be an archive and (appropriately enough) progress report of my attempts to improve the world!

The URLs changed along with the name. That should have been seamless; you should have noticed no changes. Google will, though. I'm keeping the old URLs indefinitely, just in case. If you notice any problems, please contact me.

Soon I hope to refine the site. There should be fewer categories, making it easier to find the information you want. There's a lot here; I want you to find it, because I'm dedicated to sharing my knowledge.

I'm also dedicated to improving my health and making my family happy. (It's a dad thing.)

So, Happy 40th 10th Birthday to me! It's all downhill from here -- and I don't intend to coast!