For the Kindergarteners.

What is wrong with me? Can I not even visit Florida without building something?

This one is meant for a Kindergarten drama class. It's the little brother of the air cannon I built for Hairspray. Got another free tire inflation valve from the guys at Tire Kingdom, and $15 of parts from the sprinkler place down the street (wouldn't want the fittings exploding like last time), with another $15 in valve and pipe from Lowe's: the sprinkler place didn't sell pipe in less than 20-foot lengths, and they didn't have a valve that a Kindergartener could turn.

This time, Tatiana helped me build it. She is... liberal with the blue goo. :) Wondering about the stubby little side? We tried to start with the short connector for the cannon, but we didn't twist it correctly, so the cannon wouldn't have been levered upwards. So we made it the endcap instead, shortening the whole thing a bit.

Hey, life is all about compromise. This was a huge success, especially considering that it's going to be used by kids: they don't need such a big compression chamber. And we figured out how to use the detachable valve end to create an infinitely-adjustable cannon angle for the next time.

Of course!