For years, I've been quoting a scientist who did research on economics with monkeys. He found a currency for the monkeys that they would exchange for other goods, and measured how much was required to distract them from... well, whatever monkeys do in their spare time.

What I've been quoting: "There is no quantity of bananas sufficient to distract a male monkey from the hindquarters of a female in estrus." (Emphasis mine.) Of course, I shorten it to its acronym, "TINQOB", in the same way that science-fiction fans do TANSTAAFL. I think would make a great name for a men's website.

Turns out I've been quoting it wrong. The scientist Michael Platt, was using juice, not bananas, for monkey currency. (The article covers a lot more. I found it fascinating.)

But TINQOJ just doesn't seem as memorable, to me.