My old phone had GPS, reset, and other issues. I recently got a replacement. Now I'm trying to get Google to fix their Android Market webpage so I can install my old apps.

I'm really confused about why a company with as much talent as Google would make such a crappy page. There's no way to delete the apps; there's no way to delete an old device; and worst of all, it just plain FAILS: on the My Library page, you can't see any apps beyond the 11th page. The pages after the 11th are all blank. Sucks for us people with a lot of apps.

Meanwhile, if you play around with FireBug, you'll see that all the pages are actually loaded. They're just not displayed correctly. Deleting a few of the earlier pages makes them visible again. That's how I found all my old apps and got them re-installed.

Anyway, that's had me busy for a bit. Between that and my actual job, it's taking me forever to finish this app I'm working on.