I've been volunteering at the elementary school my Kindergartener and 4th grader attend. I serve on the School Advisory Committee, and I dress up as a wizard to teach Math Superstars. (I use an old Halloween hat and my graduation robe).

Volunteers in Seminole County are called "Dividends". Today they held the Dividend Luncheon. I was my school's Dividend of the Year, which is one of the Jefferson Awards! (I got a pin and a certificate signed by four Senators!)

They also honored the Dividends who have contributed 500, 1000, and 5000 hours. Next to them, I felt like a phony: I've done less than 100 hours. They actually earned the free lunch; I just put on a silly costume and got noticed.

Even more humbling, several of the Dividends who won the Dividend of the Year for their schools were students -- not just high school students, but middle school students! To volunteer while keeping a busy school schedule demonstrates great dedication.

I was truly honored to be among such remarkable citizens and inspiring people.