The past two days have been eventful! Saturday, we took Tatiana to her Math Counts competition (her school took first place in team, and all four of the top four individuals, who will move on to the state competition). Then we dropped Melissa off for a sleepover and Megacon (she dressed up as a Rayman Raving Rabbid, but neglected to bring a camera!).

Two kids down! Kayla caught a mild cold, but since my sister Beki has a newborn, we had to cancel Kayla's sleepover plans.

Beki wasn't going to let that happen, though. She got Grandma & Grandpa to watch the newborn, and told us Kayla's sleepover was back on! Kayla and I fixed the remaining hot wire in my EV before we dropped her off at Beki's house.

We watched some of the math competition with Tatiana. That was fun! How many birthdays do you have when you get to practice recreational mathematics? (Put down the pencil; that was not an actual Math Counts question. ;)) They need to add a parent competition. Then we dropped Tatiana off for her sleepover.

With all the kids gone, we got a chance to do what we wanted to do: eat pizza and watch a Netflix movie.

Sunday we went to Disney's Magic Kingdom. Since it was my birthday, I got in for free; they gave me a big birthday button with my name on it, too. It was nice to take in the park in such a relaxed setting. I love my kids, but once in a while it's nice not to worry about them getting lost, and not to deal with someone who wants to buy everything they see, and not to plan things "fairly" for five people at once.

We heard the music lessons on Main Street USA. We perused the shops. We laughed at the bad jokes on the Jungle cruise! We appreciated the renovations at Pirates of the Caribbean. We ate a terrific lunch at the Liberty Bell restaurant (mmm, apple butter. But you have to ask for it). We enjoyed the Haunted Mansion. We love Philharmagic. We had loads of fun shooting stuff at the Buzz Lightyear attraction. And we laughed it up at the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor.

In fact, at the Laugh Floor, they put cameras on the audience members and add a caption, like "Secretly enjoys all this attention" and "Won't wave to anyone". They singled me out with "Suddenly feels the urge to dance"! I did the cabbage patch in my seat; everybody started laughing. Since the music kept going, I aped Saturday Night Live and kept everybody laughing. It was a load of fun! Afterwards, the monster on the screen said, "Wow, great job, sir! You managed to "get down" without even getting up!"

It was quite a memorable birthday.