Still another gallon left
One Tank

I filled up on Friday. 533.3 miles on this tank, using the hypermiler's "Pulse & Glide" technique. The tank wasn't even empty!

10.02 gallons. That's 53.3 MPG! Better than a Prius. My wife is impressed (and after all, I only do it to get chicks). My dad wasn't so impressed.

Afterwards, I refilled the tires, which were down about 5 PSI. I still need an alignment and a tune-up. I bet I could get 60 on this.

I've only had one problem with other drivers. In general, they just race around me and screech to a halt at the next red light. (I'm sure it's frustrating when I pass them in the slow lane.) I finally had one guy honk at me, though. It was part of a long coast to the light, and he honked a second time as he turned into his residential area.

I now want two bumper stickers: "Driving like this gets me 53 MPG" (preferably with changeable numbers), and "If you don't like it, PASS ME!".