• I know, I'm late again. I'm digging up all kinds of old Internet lore. This one is from one of my favorite authors, Larry Niven. It's his essay on the trouble with Superman and Lois having kids. Worth a read, even if only for purile humor.

  • Okay, maybe it's old news to everyone else, but I've just discovered XKCD, a webcomic with a mathematical bent. Oh, this is just delicious.

    If you don't get this, why are you even reading my blog? We obviously have nothing in common.

  • My old Prizm (the one that I was originally going to convert to electric) was just towed away for donation to WMFE, the local NPR / public television station.

    I learned a lot about the art of towing by watching and talking with the driver.

    It was fun while it lasted. At least I've still got transportation.

  • Oh, you've gotta love the East Orlando freecycling group. Somebody advertised four 14" Honda Civic tires with hubcaps. Since the tires on my Hatchback have been failing in new and iteresting ways, we've been sharing six tires between these two cars. So we jumped at this.

    Sure, they were dirty. And they were mismatched. But they were complete, with the steel rims. The hubcaps are in poor condition, but I'll just freecycle those to someone else or discard them.

    But... my cars use 13" wheels. Now what have I done?

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  • Today we worked on getting everything back together. The goal was simply to get everything bolted back in place, not including the batteries, which I've been charging and testing. Will we make it?

    Update 2007-05-21: pictures!

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