Not too long ago, my company decided it was going green. So I wrote a letter asking for an EV charging space. Before too long, they told me they were "looking into it".

I figured that was pretty good, as brush-offs go. At least they didn't jerk me around with nonsense like Lockheed did (they said, "We don't have enough voltage," which is immediately recognizable as bull to anyone familiar with electricity).

Today I got another email.

"We have installed outlets in the parking lot that will allow you to plug in your electric car for the purpose of charging the batteries. Can I request that you bring the car over ... to test out the jacks and so that i can get a picture of you utilizing the outlets to charge your car?"

Anybody who's been following the EV Conversion Diary knows that I've been stalled for months trying to change my backwards brushes.

I'm not going to be able to get a new transmission, or troubleshoot the existing one. I hope my batteries haven't completely discharged: that might kill them, and I don't want to buy another batch when I've hardly even used this set. I'm just going to pull that motor, reverse the brushes, and get back on the road. I'll take long enough to cycle the batteries a few times to wake them up, verify I've got enough range to get to work, and go prove those outlets will be useful!

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but Deadline is her grandma.