• When we decided that my controller was blown, Nathan and I were plainly demoralized. After I went through the five stages of grief, I did what any reasonable person would do: I griped about it online.

    Luckily, my griping is pretty descriptive, and I griped to the brightest bunch of EV enthusiasts you could ask for: the EV Discussion List. Two of them found my problem immediately, although it took a second post to convince me.

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  • Hosting Service No Help Whatsoever

    I've gotta find a new hosting service. For... well, EVER... the PowWeb MySQL servers have been slow. Lately, I noticed even slower service and decided to do some debugging. I enabled a Serendipity option that logs all SQL queries and their execution times to the SQL database.

    I quickly discovered that I was getting deluged with trackback spam. Each day I logged about 1700 trackbacks. I'd love to think I was that popular, but I know better. Besides, I've disabled trackbacks in the Spam Blocker.

    I shut off the logging and started fooling with the comment.php and .htaccess files. I would like to allow legitimate comments, but stop the crazy trackbacks.

    Yesterday, PowWeb blamed their MySQL problems on me and deactivated my account. They sent an email claiming that my index.php was being exploited.

    Odd thing is, my webstat page (also provided by PowWeb) shows only 270 hits on index.php, for a total of 18K. And trackbacks don't even hit index.php: they go straight through comment.php, which showed 27000 hits.

    So I called their 24/7 support line. What do I have to do to reactivate my account? That's right, remove my index.php, the main page...

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  • I spent Sunday working on the car. I got everything rewired and checked; I even used my new access holes. Nathan was impressed: in his own words, "I thought this would be a tough job, but all I had to do was reconnect a vacuum hose." :-)

    But the car just won't work. And I'm nearly dead from all the stooping and lifting in a hot garage.

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  • Nice, eh?

    I can't believe I'm working this hard. I wanted low rolling resistance tires for Silent E, and I found an outstanding deal on some 15" rims at the junkyard. But I had to pull them myself.

    2007-09-02 Update: pictures of the rims, with tires mounted!

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  • In the past three weeks, I've had a total of 8 viable hours to work on the EV. I used six of them. You wouldn't think it would take so long; all that's left is putting the batteries back in, then wiring it all together. But then, you're not working in a hot garage in Florida.

    This weekend, I used both Friday afternoon and all day Sunday to work on the car. I didn't get as much accomplished as I had hoped; the heat is just exhausting. My wife was afraid I was going to die from dehydration.

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