One reason I've been too busy to post is that I went to Miami for my niece-in-law's wedding. (I wish I could have posted all this on 2008-03-15, but I just flopped into bed after I got back to the hotel.)

I have never seen a happier couple!

No altar, but plenty of atmosphere
Find the pro

It was a very relaxed, informal ceremony. It was held on a boat in Miami called "Tikki Beach 2". It's a big rectangular thing done up to look like a Polynesian beach, complete with tiki idols, sand, and palm-frond huts. The downstairs was enclosed and air conditioned; it's where they served the meal. But the winds on the upper deck were quite refreshing, and it was less crowded. Rather than haul the wheelchair up and down all night, we decided to stay on the upper deck.

She thinks she's cute when she does that

Kayla was the flower girl. Melissa helped push her, and took some of these pictures from an excellent vantage point behind Jack and Jessie. In fact, nobody else could see it, but they were holding hands during the whole ceremony! Melissa also took the fantastic picture of the kiss you saw on the front page.

Kayla brought a Sharpie so everyone could sign her cast. She used it to decorate her goodie bag. Then she got everyone to sign her cast. Even people she didn't know.

Already crazy. Working on getting old.

We drove Omi and Opi from Daytona. That's their granddaughter getting married, after all. Omi had a lot of fun. She particularly enjoyed dancing.

People waved at us from this condo
Half-blue moon

The boat left dock before the ceremony started. The idea was that we'd get to cruise into the sunset and dance the night away (the whole thing went from 5:30 to 10:00). The drawbridge had its own agenda, which didn't include opening until after the sun had gone down. But we got a look at some beautiful Miami architecture and a startling daytime half-moon.

The Happy Couple
The Lovely Bride
The First Dance

Then there was the drunken revelry! No, not really. There was some champagne for the toast, but everyone was sober enough to be well behaved. My girls and I had multiple Shirley Temples, our favorite drink. There was eating, dancing and socializing, of course. As well as some photography.

And a fine wedding, let us not forget. Congratulations again, Jack and Jessie! Mazel tov!