• My daughter is home sick, so today I used my lunch "hour" to eat with her. I stopped at the Red Brick Pizza on my way home to get something that we'd both enjoy.

    Naturally, I asked the guy if I could plug in. He didn't even flinch, just asked, "Just a regular outlet?"

    The outlet was behind the shop, in the grass, and a UPS truck was already using the ramp. I had to drive on the concrete pad that holds the air conditioning condensers. That was actually kind of fun, but next time I'll go around the other way; more grass, less close quarters.

    They even offered to bring the pizza out back next time! (The only reason they didn't do it this time was because I was already gone when they stepped out to ask me.)

    Definitely a cool stop. Great food and friendly people.

  • In my job, I go through a Software Design phase for every task I'm given. That includes drawing a class diagram and a sequence diagram in more-or-less standard UML.

    Now, I've drawn my diagrams in a variety of tools in the past, ranging from the highly specialized to the wildly simplistic (like PowerPoint). I've come to understand the shortcomings of UML modeling tools in general. And as a good geek, I'm going to write them down.

    Rather than being negative, I'm going to write down what I want from a modeling tool. Then I can use that wishlist as criteria for evaluating the available tools, until I find a good one. If any such thing exists.

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  • Eri bought me a Mac Mini for my birthday! It should be here Thursday. She said it was "almost free", since I'll be writing iPhone apps and selling them.

    Boy, I hope so! I predicted a month to port Contraction Timer; I'm going to have to learn the XCode IDE, Objective C, and the iPhone environment to get started. Then I can port. Suddenly a month seems awfully short.

    I'm just going to have to give up TV for a little while. And books.

    And maybe sleeping.

  • The past two days have been eventful! Saturday, we took Tatiana to her Math Counts competition (her school took first place in team, and all four of the top four individuals, who will move on to the state competition). Then we dropped Melissa off for a sleepover and Megacon (she dressed up as a Rayman Raving Rabbid, but neglected to bring a camera!).

    Two kids down! Kayla caught a mild cold, but since my sister Beki has a newborn, we had to cancel Kayla's sleepover plans.

    Beki wasn't going to let that happen, though. She got Grandma & Grandpa to watch the newborn, and told us Kayla's sleepover was back on! Kayla and I fixed the remaining hot wire in my EV before we dropped her off at Beki's house.

    We watched some of the math competition with Tatiana. That was fun! How many birthdays do you have when you get to practice recreational mathematics? (Put down the pencil; that was not an actual Math Counts question. ;)) They need to add a parent competition. Then we dropped Tatiana off for her sleepover.

    With all the kids gone, we got a chance to do what we wanted to do: eat pizza and watch a Netflix movie.

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  • Once again, I had the privilege of attending an honors breakfast for my daughter Tatiana. She hasn't missed one! Only one more to go before she's had straight As all through middle school!

    We'll have to do something special for her if she makes it. New phone? Dinner at The Melting Pot? New Wii game? I dunno; something!

    Congratulations, Tatiana! I'm proud of you!