That's right, twentieth!

An overgenerous donation from a friend who appreciated my Serendipity work made a cozy celebration possible. We went to Houston's for dinner, where Eri had the best prime rib we've ever tasted. (Prime rib is traditional for our wedding celebrations.)

The evening was enchanted. Every light turned green as we approached it. We found parking spaces in crowded lots. We found a "Modern Bridal Shop Elite Fighting Academy" sign (thankfully, they weren't training brides that way 20 years ago.)

Rather than something mundane like a movie, we went to S.A.K. Comedy Lab. I've always enjoyed improv, and these guys did a really good job, while keeping it PG-13. Along the way, we got to see some interesting advertising games going on outside, and the gallery downstairs.

Finally, we went to the Cheesecake Factory for a Mississippi Mud Pie (also a wedding celebration tradition). While their peanut butter cheesecake was delicious, their mud pie was direly deficient. It's supposed to be coffee and chocolate ice cream, with a layer of fudge on top, with an oreo cracker crust. Theirs was a chocolate cake, topped with a scoop of coffee and a scoop of vanilla, with whipped cream, a cherry, and fudge on the side. Anybody know where you can get a good mud pie in Orlando?

We didn't want to go to bed, but all good things must end eventually. We had a great time, and it's a night we won't soon forget.