Update: 2019-01-02

While migrating this site to Github Pages, I discovered that the provided files are too large for the free service's restrictions. The links below have been removed; the YouTube video of Dateline SBS's "EV1 - The Electric Dream" is missing the introduction and conclusion, but the Dateline SBS website has a transcript.

Update: 2006-09-22

I've just discovered that my favorite Windows DVD ripper, VLC, is available on Linux, too. And it does a great job transcoding. So, for those who had trouble downloading the MP4 file, you can get the original-size Australian Dateline EV segment in MPG format (195MB) (no you can't) or, for those with slower connections, the half-size Australian Dateline EV segment in MPG format (89MB) (still no).

A program in Australia called Dateline (no idea if it's related to the American program of the same name) just covered EVs. I've got the video, clipped to include just the EV segment. Be careful, though, it's huge: 135MB!

You can not download the 135MB Australian Dateline EV segment here!