Okay, so I'm not good enough to make every word in the title alliterate. But Kayla's cast is off!

We had expected that she'd have some trouble walking, since she hasn't used her ankle muscles for six and a half weeks. But the doctor warned us that she might be limping for two months! It might even turn into a habit, in which case she'll need physical therapy.

She walked a few steps and announced that her ankle hurt. Tylenol for her tonight!

Released 2008-05-01: Sorry there are no pictures. If my wife ever uploads, I'll add them.

We're planning on using an ace bandage and sneakers to provide as much ankle support as possible, so she starts using the muscles and doesn't get into the habit of limping. We're also going to keep the wheelchair for a while, so she doesn't overdo it. Swimming is supposed to be excellent for strengthening those muscles, so we'll probably be going to the pool whenever possible. It's just down the street.

Congratulations, Kayla! We'll get back on that bike soon and show it who's boss!