• Update: 2019-01-02

    While migrating this site to Github Pages, I discovered that the provided files are too large for the free service's restrictions. The links below have been removed; the YouTube video of Dateline SBS's "EV1 - The Electric Dream" is missing the introduction and conclusion, but the Dateline SBS website has a transcript.

    Update: 2006-09-22

    I've just discovered that my favorite Windows DVD ripper, VLC, is available on Linux, too. And it does a great job transcoding. So, for those who had trouble downloading the MP4 file, you can get the original-size Australian Dateline EV segment in MPG format (195MB) (no you can't) or, for those with slower connections, the half-size Australian Dateline EV segment in MPG format (89MB) (still no).

    A program in Australia called Dateline (no idea if it's related to the American program of the same name) just covered EVs. I've got the video, clipped to include just the EV segment. Be careful, though, it's huge: 135MB!

    You can not download the 135MB Australian Dateline EV segment here!


  • Well, one of the guinea pigs died last night. We have no idea why. She was thin, but we thought she was just young.

    We took them out to play in the grass today. Both Sugar and Cinnamon were doing fine. This evening, when Eri picked up Sugar, Sugar couldn't keep her balance, and fell on her side. I ran to the computer to see what I could find, but by the time I got there, Sugar had made one last peep and died.

    We hope PetSmart will do a post-mortem and tell us what happened, but they won't give us any guarantee. They did give us another guinea pig, a calico we named Sundae.

    We gave her the best home a guinea pig ever had for her short time with us. She was skittish, but polite. R.I.P, Sugar Anne Spice. Best pet name ever.

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  • Even a child can understand this. When we allow those with power to claim secrecy, we allow them to do anything they want.


    We were so appalled when we discovered this abuse of power in the Nixon administration that we set up special courts to balance the need for expedient data against preventing abuses of secrecy by those in power.

    Do you still believe that those in power won't lie to you? That they won't do whatever is necessary to further their own goals? That money has no allure to them? Do you honestly think they have your best interests at heart?

    Then, my friend, examine this case: the FCC shredding a report they didn't like. Your tax dollars, wasted because how they're spent is a secret.

    You don't even have to go to the highest levels of power to find abuses of power. They will occur anywhere they can be covered up.

    Added 2006-09-20: Just like I said, give anyone secrecy and they will abuse their power.


  • In the EVDL, this video of the Wrightspeed X1 running an 11-second quarter mile was posted. I wish I could afford that kind of performance.

  • I can't be so busy if I've found time for Photoshopping. Okay, I use the GIMP, but "GIMPing" just sounds lame. Big thanks to my anonymous Fark sponsor! It really helps to see the contests early.

    Right now, my "Two Yurts" entry is at #3! Go vote for me! Or vote for the "My Cousin Vinny" reference, which I would've done if I had more than 10 minutes.

    The rest of my recent entries are in the remainder of the article.

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