Don't freak out, he's okay.

But yes, I did run over Neppy. Or at least, I ran into him.

I was backing Silent E out of the garage. I had just seen the cat, so I was moving slow and using a light throttle so the car made its Pedestrian Warning Noise. He's so dumb he didn't even care! Just as I'm figuring he must have moved, the whole car grinds to a halt and I hear this terrible "MRROWWRRR!".

I pulled forward quickly, seeing Neppy slink away in the rear-view mirror. When I went to fetch the idiot, I found a big hunk of his hair in the driveway.

I told Eri, discreetly, and we watched him for a bit. He was walking very cautiously, but apparently unhurt. He went to tend to nature, and there was no blood, so I went to work.

That evening I picked him up. He didn't complain, so I guess there are no broken ribs.

He may be dumb, but I'll bet he won't be doing that again anytime soon!