• A guy at my office has a Saturn Sky. It's really neat looking; I've always wanted to convert one.

    Turns out AMP has already converted a Saturn Sky to all-electric. 150 miles of range, too!

    They're applying for some of the $25 billion the government is offering the car companies to develop domestic, fuel-efficient cars. Problem is, their car is already developed. Still, they could provide jobs and spur domestic battery production besides. I vote we give them some money.

  • I once signed up for a blog advertising service. They wouldn't take me because they supposedly found a gap of more than one week in my entries. Ever since, I've tried to make at least one entry a week.

    Now I've hit my Christmas and Hannukah rush. I'm doing so many things: painting my car (entry coming soon!), working, trying to get Serendipity stuff done, shopping... and my friends have discovered Facebook. I just don't have much time for blogging.

    Besides, it was getting to be a burden. Why should I blog when I don't have something interesting to say? (Then again, I suppose that something interesting happens every day. But I don't want to spout off about every little thing that happens.)

    So I am officially throwing off the oppression of blogging! I don't blog any more. I update my website whenever I have something interesting to present.

    Ha! Take that, blog advertisers! I may never make money off this website, but that's not why I created it, anyway. I'm publishing to improve the world! Anybody who wants my programs, tutorials, or experience in parenting and EV conversion can benefit as long as I can afford to keep the website going.

  • Repaired Rust

    It's one of the basic rules of converting an EV: choose a donor with no rust. Rust could indicate structural weakness, and when you're loading a car down with lead, you want a sturdy frame.

    I thought I had managed to follow at least one of the basic rules... until I found a rust bubble under my driver's side rear turn signal lens.

    I got some advice on how to fix it, then attacked it with a few flap wheels and a sanding block. I wound up sanding right through the metal and into something ugly on the other side.

    Turns out someone else had trouble with rust in this spot before. But instead of actually fixing the problem, he just slapped some bondo on it and figured he was done. Naturally, that didn't cure the problem. And then it became my problem.

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  • We're away from home while we attend Grandma Lucy's wake and funeral.

    We will miss her.


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