First Fresh!

I just moved in to the house at Maple Valley. It's a 2-hour commute, including all the walking, but I've started carpooling with a guy who drives a Leaf (squee!). Unfortunately, having no car means having no cargo capacity: if I want to get anything home, I have to carry it.

Including my laundry. I tried to order a washer and dryer from Home Depot, but Wells Fargo screwed me up with a per-day credit charge limit. (ARRGH! It's my money, gorramit!)

Worse yet, on weekends, there are fewer buses. So I walked a total of about 5 miles today, carrying a week's worth of laundry in a sports bag. Dang, that thing is heavy. My new blisters say so.

Luckily, Amazon Fresh delivers to my new house. So I have a pleasant surprise waiting when I got home: two weeks worth of groceries! It didn't seem any more expensive than going to the store myself, and I knew I got the best deal in the store because Amazon lets you order by unit price.

What I didn't realize is that Amazon keeps the stuff cold on your doorstep by using dry ice. Which I promptly loaded into my shower. It makes a very pleasant bubbling sound. And cool videos!

I covered the shower drain with a plastic bag (from one of the pieces of dry ice) and weighted it down with a cat food bowl. Then I turned on the hot water and tossed in the dry ice. This is the result!