Last night I made it to the UCF car club, at the top of the parking garage nearly 4 miles away. That's the longest trip I've ever taken in Silent E, and I even with the lights on it still had plenty of juice to spare.

They were a very nice bunch of guys. They helped me find an electrical outlet, they were polite and enthusiastic, and they didn't mention anything about the generally ugly condition of the car. All their questions were the inquisitive kind, not the nasty leading questions you get from some people. I was particularly impressed with Ryan, who made me feel quite welcome.

After about an hour's charging at 8A, I headed back home. The whole trip was 7.75 miles, and I forgot to check how much energy it took.

After that success, I decided it was time to take E-chan to work.

She's plugged in to the charging space right now, having a much-deserved drink of juice for breakfast. The trip was 6.15 miles long. I forgot to check my E-meter until after I plugged her in; still, that little bit of charging shouldn't have made much difference. I also forgot to check before I left; there may have been some left over. In any case, it read 1.74kWh.

Rather than displaying the math again, I'll just say that's 282 Wh/mile on average. Yay, slow roads!

I had to walk all the way to work, though. About half a mile. Hot. I think I'm going to get an electric skateboard.

If I give anybody a ride at lunchtime, I'll post a picture.

Lunch edit: My friend Clark drove me to lunch today. We stopped at the EV for a ride. He was impressed that it looked "just like a car". :) Unfortunately, it wouldn't start. The fuses were OK, but it was too hot to check anything else. I'll wait for the end of work to go investigate further.