Welcome, friends and wanderers I have yet to meet. This is my archive of past works and progress report for ongoing efforts. I'm out to improve the world, by any margin whatsoever.

The Man Behind the Madness

Mug Shot Name Judebert
Known Aliases GreyFox, Random, slothman
Real Name Yeah, like I'm telling you
Family Status Blissfully wed, honeymoon over, three kids
Employment Full-Time, Software Engineer
E-Mail No spam, thanks. You can email me through my domain.

Let's see; did I leave any personally identifying information out? Yes. Good.

Stuff I Like (and therfore may write about)

  • Programming (including networking, Java, Unix, Windows, graphics, and simulation)
  • Science Fiction (I like the hard SF best)
  • Parenting (father of three girls)
  • Gaming (although I hate the 3D stuff... except Descent II!)
  • Computers (I just built another one)
  • Fractals (I've got this idea for a fractal animator and morpher I know I'll get time to work on someday)
  • 3D rendering, ray-tracing, and animation

If you want information on anything I know, just use the convenient form! You can send me your opinions right from your browser.