• The Serendipity Theme Contest has officially begun! Create a theme for Serendipity (that's the blog this runs on) for fame and glory! It's really easy, because Serendipity uses Smarty templating. Deadline is Feb. 7; let's see what I can pull out of my sleeve...
  • A friend sent me this classic timewaster from my past. It's too small to actually call a program, but it's fun anyway. Better than MineSweeper.
  • I've finally found the best Sudoku assistant online. It allows manual or automatic pencilmarks, imports other puzzles, and even uses CSS. If I ever make my own, it'll probably be based on this, with the added ability to provide hints.


  • Well, I've transferred everything over to Serendipity, I've timestamped all the entries, and I'm ready to go. It's time to remove the static pages that have been hiding my true identity... err... blog.

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  • Yes, Boyd received a full scholarship to Berkeley and blew it! Unlike most Wasted Youth, however, Boyd managed to start something that's lasted a while: an a capella singing group. He's also worked in cool places like Netscape, and has an interesting sense of humor, all of which you can find at his home page.
    Artists in Resonance a capella group
    Unfortunately, Boyd's home page is gone. Nobody seems to be able to find him. Boyd Waters' Home Page