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    This used to point to http://members.cox.net/crandall11/, but that site is no longer available. The links have been updated to point to Origami Resource, where the pages have been preserved. Apparently these were created by Clay Randall.

    Money Valentine

    I'm cleaning out my e-mailbox, and I've come across this link of stuff I've always wanted to learn: money origami. It has links to other money origami sites, too. If I file it away, I'll lose it forever, so I figured it would go well here.

  • Power steering rack

    Today Nathan came over and we did some light work on the Silent E. We were going to replace the power steering with manual steering, but no junkyards were open, so we just took out the power steering rack.

    We also emptied the batteries out of the rear box, in anticipation of cutting some access holes in the rear hatch floor. And we wired up the PFC-20 for 12V operation and started charging individual batteries.

    The hiatus is over! Now we'll start working on the EV again. 2006-10-22: Pictures!

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  • Dirty Boys Original

    Another one! Likely my last for a while. (Yes, I know, Waldorf...) Vote for my Pratchettarian take on these dirty boys!


  • Original Spool Winders
    Now they've got company!

    Yes, another Fark Photoshop! Vote for me! Of course, there are lots of better ideas to vote for, too... vote for them!


  • There's a difference between a nerd and a geek.

    A nerd has no social skills, regardless of technical ability.

    A geek has great technical skill, regardless of social ability.

    Nerds usually hang together, because noone else will hang with them.

    Geeks usually hang together, because noone else understands what they're saying.

    Why the sudden interest? Because I am now an ubergeek. The alpha geek among the geeks at my office, in fact.

    How can you tell? My glasses broke.

    A nerd would have used tape to put them back together.

    Geek glasses!

    I soldered them.

    I'm getting new ones tomorrow, and I just wanted to show off before I lose them.