• This weekend, my Mom came down from Deland and stayed overnight. We were renovating Tatiana's room, and she came down to help.

    She was a great help. We couldn't have done it without her. I just wish I had an extra room, because she insisted on sleeping on the couch.

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  • I'm not dead yet! Although, if I don't start getting some sleep, I may well die soon.

    Work has been busy, family has been hectic, but I've still been participating in forums and things. I even did a bit of voice acting. And I Gimped a nifty bumper sticker; if I ever get the final version completed, I'll write about it.

    Meanwhile, I'm too busy to blog.

  • It's not everybody who can break his car every week.

    I've been giving little trips to a friend's house. I'm trying to discharge the batteries a little, so when they recharge, maybe they'll finally balance. I'm also trying to figure out my Wh/mile, so I can estimate the range of the car.

    To do that, I've got to know how fast the motor is going, because best efficiency is around 3500-4000 RPM. I'm skittish about trusting my calculations from the transmission gear ratios, so today I tried to hook up the tachometer.

    I busted something. It won't start.

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  • My first ride in my EV was almost a year ago; you can see the video at firstride.mpeg. But I tore the motor apart before I had a chance to do anything interesting.

    Today I took my second first ride. Because I'm having trouble charging the batteries, it was simply a run around the cul-de-sac (very short distance). But I took Eri, Melissa, and Kayla with me.

    Now I understand what the "EV Grin" is all about. The car performed beautifully. The weird smell and the crackling noise were gone. The wheels actually slipped when I tried to back out of the garage. It handled nicely, especially considering it's a station wagon.

    I called Nathan and bragged for about 30 minutes.

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  • I am proud to announce my independence from gasoline on the 221st anniversary of my country's independence!

    Today I finished hooking everything up. Batteries are in, tires are on (the kids did that bit), transmission is filled, and the car is on the ground. I'm charging the batteries again; they're wildly out of balance. They refuse to be reasonable and all reach full charge.

    Due to the other activities, I can't really take it out until tonight. And due to previous bad experiences, Eri doesn't want me to take it out in the dark. So I'll hold off until tomorrow.

    But it's ready today! Hey -- we didn't start fighting as soon as we signed the Declaration of Independence, did we? So if that act can signify the independence of an entire country, this entry can signify the completion of an electric vehicle!

    Happy Independence Day, everyone!