• I've been kinda depressed for about a week now. I'm trying to reuse some existing code, but it fails. The code is incomprehensible. I've given it my full effort and attention for a whole week -- I've even dreamed about it. But, as my brother would say, it's been kicking my ass. I describe this kind of problem as a "brick wall". And I've been pounding my head against it repeatedly.

    Today I finally fixed it! I beat the code! Everything is working smoothly; the sun is shining, the birds are birdsing, and all is once again right with the world. With luck, I'll have some time (and will) to work on Serendipity or geek some broken stuff.

    The amazing thing is the emotional change. I've been suffering from headaches, lack of energy, and general depression. I've been grouchy (Eri noticed). I felt utterly defeated. But now that I've figured out this problem, I'm ecstatic, nearly euphoric. I'm not an idiot! I pounded my head against the giant brick wall and it fell!

    Proving once again that my head is thicker than stone. 8-)

  • Two people have told me that my site is having problems -- one through the Serendipity forums, and one through email. Of course, if two people actually took the time to tell me, I have to wonder how many are just leaving without saying anything!

    The odd thing is that I check the site multiple times daily, from two different locations. I haven't had any trouble at all.

    The other odd thing is that I replied to the email, but it bounced back! Could be a scam, I suppose... but just in case: Sylvia, I'm not ignoring you. Your server rejected my reply because it didn't recognize your email.

  • One reason I've been too busy to post is that I went to Miami for my niece-in-law's wedding. (I wish I could have posted all this on 2008-03-15, but I just flopped into bed after I got back to the hotel.)

    I have never seen a happier couple!

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  • I've been doing some Serendipity development with this one guy (I won't mention his name unless he tells me to). I think his ideas have been advancing Serendipity by giant leaps. He was so happy with my help that he donated to my Serendipity Development.


    I tried to give it back, but he just wouldn't let me. I was going to re-donate it to other developers I thought worthy, but he made it quite clear that he was compensating me for the time I spent away from my family, and I should use the money for family time.

    Today I took the family to see Horton Hears a Who. Great kid's flick. Thanks, semi-anonymous donor!

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  • Thanks to everyone who has expressed their good wishes for Kayla's recovery. It's amazing how quickly kids heal; she'll probably have a walking cast in a week or so.

    I'm still swamped, but I thought I'd write a little something to let you know I'm not completely ignoring you. More Serendipity, Electric Vehicle, and other stuff in a week or two, I'm sure.