This is only very questionably art. Really, it's a Magic: the Gathering expansion meant more for humor than anything else. Since I can't draw, the only pictures are card borders. (These were made before Google Image Search; now maybe I'll be able to flesh them out sometime.) If you don't understand MtG, this won't even be funny for you.

Gotta love it when people do weird, funny things. Especially when some of them are your relatives. My brother made up a themed, unofficial, unsanctioned Magic: the Gathering expansion set, which is probably best considered an Unglued mini-expansion. Unfortunately, it hasn't aged well, so I've compressed it. If we ever come up with artwork, you'll get to see the whole thing again.

The cards are available in a variety of formats:

Magic Suitcase expansion
Magic Suitcase is a program by Dragonstar Studios. It's especially nice since it lets you print proxy cards, which makes it easy to make your own Thanksgiving set. Download (3KB), then use the Tools->Convert Comma-Delimited Text->"Text->Master DB" to import the data. The cards show up as Unglued cards with the Miscellaneous text set to "Thanksgiving." If anyone knows how to convert the data to work with their Apprentice program, let me know!
Wizards of the Coast spoiler
The Wizards of the Coast spoiler format is useable by several programs, notably Magic: the Database. You can download (3KB) which contains a text file in the Wizards spoiler format. If anyone knows an easy way to make cards from this format, let me know!
Graphic files
Finally, you can download the pictures I made with Darwin's Magic Card Maker. This program seems to be permanently lost to the Internet; a shame, I really liked it. The zipped file comes up 1.2MB.

Luckily, there's a new MtG card designer in town: MtG Editor. I'll have to give it a try and distribute the files.