I can't be so busy if I've found time for Photoshopping. Okay, I use the GIMP, but "GIMPing" just sounds lame. Big thanks to my anonymous Fark sponsor! It really helps to see the contests early.

Right now, my "Two Yurts" entry is at #3! Go vote for me! Or vote for the "My Cousin Vinny" reference, which I would've done if I had more than 10 minutes.

The rest of my recent entries are in the remainder of the article.

"Photoshop this nerd and his death wheel." How could you not vote for an origami Death Star?

Lady in the fog. When you can't put modify the original, move the original into another picture. The marathon was in the broad daylight, though; adding the fog was a bit of a pain.

"Photoshop this rock ring in the desert." Of course, I immediately thought of Shelley's famous Ozymandias poem. Either I didn't do a good job, or the Farkers didn't get it. Whatever.

This old farm house was one of my first complicated shops. Moving the windows and such wasn't a big deal, but oy! the recoloring! I just couldn't seem to get "dark" right. Of course, the Amityville picture was pretty blue, as well.

Famous actors in live-action cartoon movies. My first face-replacement. Again, either I did a poor job with Haley Joel Osmond, or nobody recognized Aang.

Oh, did I get weird looks at work for this one. "Photoshop this dragon." Trogdor is a Fark cliche. The funny looks came while I was Google Image Searching for bodybuilders to pull the arm off of. This made it number 2!

"Photoshop this cat licking his chops." Here I come to save the day!

This wasn't a Fark photoshop, it was a request from the Honda Civic Wagon forum. somebody wondered what his Wagon's wheels would look like painted.

I'm ashamed of this one. I gave in to the Fark "Give that girl a sammich" meme. Ah, well, at least I did a decent job. And I learned how to make the bike spokes.

How can you not vote for a moai?

"Photoshop this SWAT team." It looked much better before I had to move them and go home at the last minute. Oh, well, my friends liked it.