A couple of days ago, I helped the gifted teacher at Melissa's school. They're participating in the ISTF; I assisted on the computer, and set aside some web space so they could test their project pages on line.

She asked me to come back today to help the fourth graders.

What does this have to do with EVs? One of the fourth grade teams is doing a solar car project, including a solar charging station. Rube Lab just completed a solar charging station, and I couldn't attend because the ceremonies are on my birthday. So I showed them the Rube Lab version, and explained that I had driven here in my own electric car.

They were astounded. They thought I must be some kind of super-genius. When I explained to the teacher that the principal allowed me to recharge behind the cafeteria, and that the car was there right now, she asked if I could show it to the class.

Well, of course! I've always wanted to do that!

The kids were appreciative, gathering around the car for a good look. They had heard that Melissa got to paint a lighting bolt, and they searched for it. I showed them how the seats fold up to let people ride on top of the batteries, and of course they wanted to get in.

Of course I let them. I was not one bit afraid that the wheels would collapse. :-P They were a little loud, but they had loads of fun. One kid got in the driver's seat and called, "To the candy shop!" :D

It didn't look like they would ever get out. I explained that I let them in so they could see that it was just like any other car, then asked if they'd like to see the motor.

That got 'em out. I showed them all the major components, and they were awestruck.

I answered questions (yes, it's cheaper to drive than a gas car; no, it's not solar; yes, it doesn't use any gas at all; no, I can't give everybody a ride :)), and then it was time for them to get back to class. I waved to the end of the line as I pulled out of the school parking lot.

That was a great ego booster! Especially since it's the first time I've ever talked to a group about it. I hope I get the chance to show more classes. Maybe next time we can get a camera out there and record it!