• Oh, what a week. School trouble everywhere.

    My youngest just moved to a new school. My eldest will be advancing to high school next year :-O and we're investigating magnet schools for her. And my brown-eyed girl is graduating to middle school, so we're investigating her options, too.

    Rather than taking up the front page space with my family decisions, I explain what's going on in the rest of this entry. Read on, if you're interested.

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  • Having fixed my stalling problem, I'm examining my options for accessories. I still need to hook up my tachometer somehow, although I've got the tach sensor installed. I'd like to turn my facing gauges (fuel and heat) to an intersecting volt and amp display; and I want a speed switch.

    The speed switch will help prevent disasters like the one I had as a n00b. The one I'm looking at is the ISSPRO r4902. It's got dual adjustable NC/NO switches and runs on 12V or 24V. It's $224, but that's a bargain compared to a destroyed motor.

    However, since we're transferring Kayla to a Montessori school, I might not be able to afford it for a while. Until then, nobody else can drive my car. (I'm heartbroken.)

  • Want to create your own government? You couldn't have better examples than the founding fathers of the USA. I found this wonderful reference to the Anti-Federalist and Federalist Papers in chronological context that shows how they went about it.

    Light reading it ain't, but it's not too hard to digest in small chunks. The gold nugget that leads me to write this blog post is the opening of the main debate of the Constitutional Convention, which lays out the reasons we need government and what it ought to do.

    We had a confederation for eight years before we became a republic. Not everyone agreed that a change was necessary. There was a lot of debate. This site lays it all out for your edification.

    That's great politics.

  • Yesterday I taught this year's first Math Super Stars class at my daughter's elementary school. The principal agreed to allow me to charge the car while I was in.

    A custodian and I found a nice plug just outside the cafeteria loading dock. It has a locking cover, but it was unlocked! Half a kilowatt-hour later, Silent E is happier.

    Thanks, principal Cummings!

  • This morning I used Silent E for a scenario outside its design plan: I dropped Tatiana off on my way to work. It's about 5 miles out of my way.

    Knowing that my battery capacity was limited, I drove quite carefully. I drove a route that (I hoped) would reduce the overall distance; I braked carefully and utilized coasting as much as possible; I accelerated so that my voltage never dropped below 110V on my 120V pack. I even started with an overcharged pack.

    When I got to work, I had driven 11.7 miles, and my resting voltage was 122V.

    Is that good?

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