Sigh. I haven't had time to post in weeks. I did join the Voice Acting Alliance, though. I'm not going to try to replace my programming career or anything, but It would be nice to do something just for fun. And if I get a little money on the side, so much the better. And everyone's always said I would sound great on radio.

So I recorded a little something...

I auditioned for a part in a radio play. I'm pleased with the director's response: she said my submission was the most professional one she's received, Ever. (That's her capitalization.)

A bunch of the forum-goers have been recording Christmas carols. I decided to turn this particular a capella "Let it Snow" into a duet. Unfortunately, I'm really rusty, I couldn't find a decent harmony, and it was too high for me to get a really good voice. My mixing would've destroyed it, so I just let it go.

So, stuck on the idea of a duet, I made a version of Jingle Bells. It's got a harmony part from my days in a junior choir. Nobody could ever do it with me outside of that chorus, though. So I've done it with myself.

Enjoy! Critique! Whatever.

Download: MeandMyself-JingleBells.mp3