Tired Tiffy

Tiffy, our eldest cat, died yesterday.

Melissa discovered her. It was very sad. We've been expecting it for a while: Tiffy was 19 years old, and had been progressively getting age diseases. I think only happy cats can live to be that old, so we know that we loved her and she loved us.

She was diabetic (controlled with diet) and had arthritis. She refused to take one of her pain medicines, so life must have been pretty painful for her near the end. It's a little hard to tell, since her favorite activity has always been laying on a cushion (or paper), and that's almost exclusively what she did during her final days.

We buried her alongside the ashes of her best friend, Hershey. We planted a red plum tree above them. Soon the circle of life will continue, as they turn into dirt to help the tree grow.

Farewall, Tiffy. It is a comfort to know that you no longer have any pain. We will always remember you.