My company makes it easy to give blood: every 6 weeks (or whatever it is), the Big Red Bus pulls up in the parking lot. I take advantage of the opportunity whenever I can.

Today was my first chance since I started working out at Christmas. My blood pressure is down to 90/60 (although it was never high to begin with; I was usually 115/70 or so) and they could actually find my center vein, so I bled quickly and I was done in just a few minutes.

The Bus, though... it used to be a giant travel bus, like a Greyhound. Now it's more like a big fire rescue truck. It's thinner, shorter, and taller. There's probably more room for stuff, but the techs have to reach up higher for it. There's less room for writing or sitting. I've always had to bend my knees to fit in the donation seat, but it seemed more cramped today, and the tech had to place the collection bags on my leg while she put the stickers on.

The worst part, though: they have to keep the juice outside in a cooler! On the old bus, you'd sit down and some pretty nurse would offer to bring you a drink. On the new bus, no drink for you! When you're done giving blood, you have to go outside and get your own.

The technicians were wonderful. But I really want my old bus back.