We took Tatiana to see Twilight about two weeks ago. She loved it. She figured that when it came out in the dollar theater, she and all her friends would be able to afford to go see it.

I should've known what would happen right then. I should've nipped it in the bud.

Last week we watched Bolt at the dollar theater with my brother. They're showing Twilight.

Tatiana went crazy. She's spent the entire week phoning her friends, figuring out schedules, neglecting her homework, and pestering Eri and me with questions.

Obviously, all her friends can't make it. Picking them all up is going to take an hour or more. I'm going to have to do something with the other kids, meanwhile. We have plans for the rest of the weekend. But Tatiana is going to go, come Hell or high water, and she won't stop obsessing over it!

I warned her last night, as she was making Mapquest directions between her friends' houses, that if she couldn't let it go long enough to read a book and go to bed, I would take it away from her.

I hate it when she gets like this. It's a movie outing. Don't turn it into a big production. Just get together if you can, and have fun as much as possible. Sheesh.