I don't have the background in history to make this. I found it somewhere. I haven't got the faintest idea where; if you can tell me, I'll link to the original.

This is similar to the Beer OS humor. You can find lots of that from Google.

If your OS was a politician, which one would it be?

OS Politicians

  • MS-DOS 1.0: Herbert Hoover. Aloof to the problems of the common man but friend of the engineer in all of us. Also discovered Transformers.
  • Mac OS 7, 8, and 9: Franklin Roosevelt. Very competent, led us through difficult times, but left a legacy of programs which have become quite a mixed bag.
  • Windows 3.1: Dwight Eisenhower. Amiable enough, competent, but leaving historians (and many contemporaries) very wanting.
  • Windows 95 thru ME: Lyndon Johnson. One of the boys, very able at getting things done, but in the end a disaster, rightfully ceding his throne.
  • Windows NT: Richard Nixon. The archetypal back-room politician, ruthless, and ultimately brought down by little faults, but many believe he was a great president and did much to modernize the Republican Party.
  • Windows XP: Ronald Reagan. Everybody who hates him never met him; he could charm anyone, the Great Communicator. Bought Iranian weapons for contras with drug money.
  • Mac OS X: Bill Clinton. Cheerful and smart, if not the most productive. Known for his speeches.
  • Vista: George W. Bush. Elected because of his name, even though the prior iteration wasn't especially respected or well-liked. Introduced instability and performance issues, all in the name of "security". Many of the corporate interests who promoted him early on are having second thoughts.
  • Linux: Fidel Castro. The communist leader that has been in office for ages, just refuses to resign or die and points nukes at Windows from time to time.