It's a slow Friday here at work, so I entered a Fark photoshop. I made Kim Jong Il the discoverer of the Time Cube, a proposition so thoroughly looney, explained in such a wretched way, that I shall not link to it here. Google it for the most wasted time of your life, if you're so inclined.

Anyway, here's my Kim Jong Il Fark Photoshop. Read more for other photoshops I've been holding out on.

Foolish of you. There's nothing here but crap.

Here's one from the "Religion Sponsored Sports Teams": the Amish Counterstrike Team. It's an empty parking lot outside an Amish church. Despite the inherent humor, and the lack of voting, the mods deleted it because it was unmodified.

Here's my entry for "Cracks": Klax Cracks. The phrase "Oh, I thought you said..." is somewhat traditional on Fark, although it brought me no votes this time. Apparently no old-school arcade gamers frequent the photoshop contests. And I worked hard on the interlacing, too.

The "Outlaw Dog" contest was particularly interesting, as my first extensive use of the stamp tool. That's a nifty little device. Here's Speed Racer's Mach 5 in the Outlaw's place. Not my best work, but apparently a very disappointing response nonetheless.

They wanted us to photoshop this pilot. I thought there were lots of lame entries. I put the pilot in 2001, but even lame competition couldn't get me any love. Anybody know how to warp the image to conform to his helmet, especially using The Gimp?

And last in the rolls of Fark Photoshop Failures, here's famous Rugby player Umaga doing the Macarena.