Overall, my 4th of July holiday was pretty good. I got a lot of programming done. I got to show the older kids Terminator (which stood the test of time pretty well, except for one little section of special effects in exactly the wrong place). I took a break from my workouts.

My sister's Independence Day party was pretty cool, too. I got to hook up with Phillip, a neat guy who I seldom get to see. The kids all had a lot of fun.

But while we were out, somebody sneaked into my house and took my Wii.

I expect a kid, because he didn't take any of the other valuables in the house. Instead, he left behind all the Wii games, accessories, and remotes -- and took a lunchbox. I suspect a local kid, because the lunch box was found on the roof of a house only two doors down.

My daughters are a little shaken to realize that somebody got into our house. I'm just wondering what this kid's parents are thinking when Little Johnny suddenly acquires a Wii with a single disc, no game instructions or case, no remotes, and no power cords. Don't they realize what's going on?