This year, the Mathematics Association of America held their AMC 8 competition with 200,000 worldwide participants. Tatiana scored in the top 5%! (You may remember that she took second place in the state math competition last year.)

I'm more than pleased with Jackson Heights Middle School, I'm downright elated! Her math teacher, Mr. White, has done an outstanding job with these students. 23% of his students who took the test got into the the top 5% of this extremely competitive group. One made a perfect score; she was one of only 27 who did.

Other schools fear us. When we go to the math competitions, they know they're in trouble. We took 11 of the top 13 awards at the latest competition (Tatiana was 13th place) -- and that was against high school students! Congratulations to Mr. White.

Congratulations, Tatiana, on an extremely successful school year!