I've improved my old multiplication worksheet! The new, improved, online timed math test has all these features:

  • Online or printable worksheets!
  • Javascript test timer!
  • Customizable problem sets (Only want to work on the 7 and 8 facts? Yeah, we can do that!)
  • All basic math operations, including:
    • Multiplication
    • Division
    • Addition
    • Subtraction with possible negative results
    • Subtraction with only positive results
  • Custom worksheet sizes
  • Next problem with Tab or Enter (supporting keyboard and 10-key pad)
The online functionality requires a browser with Javascript enabled.

I'm also working on a Hall of Fame, but I'm worried about crackers. Maybe I could make a Personal Best page, instead...

If you can think of any other features you want, just let me know!

Update 11:30 PM: Now works properly in Internet Explorer!