• Usually Fark is uninformed, but funny. This morning, however, I happened to find a link debunking the fear preventing decriminalization of drugs. Well, okay, more than fear may be preventing us from decriminalizing -- or even legalizing -- currently-illicit substances. But as a Libertarian, drug laws have always bothered me, especially when we wind up putting people in jail for smoking a single joint.

    Now I've got to go do some homework on the cited statistics. Like I didn't have enough to do already.

  • Sorry I've been neglecting the blog. I've been working on the Serendipity 1.0 release; it's an opportunity to publicize, so I've been helping the development team polish the coWiki presentation and get documentation complete.

    I'm still trying to make up the backlog on the EV conversion diary, too. So you get a song that popped into my head this morning.

  • To the tune of "One Love", from Disney's Snow White

    One Vote,
    I have but One Vote,
    One Vote,
    Only for me.

    And well considered,
    It can effect my
    Home and country!

    One Vote
    One for each citizen,
    One Vote,
    Cast true and clean,

    One Chance
    In each election,
    Except on
    A Diebold machine.


  • MY UNCLE'S HERE! :-D Dad's new EV, Silent E, came with him. We are so excited. As soon as he got here, M, K, and I(T) ran over to him even though we were barefoot. It was the first time we saw him in months. Our whole family had a job in order to succesfully back into our newly cleaned garage. Mom steered, Dad and N pushed, Melissa made sure the garage door could close, I(T) made sure the car didn't hit anything and K had the easiest job: sit in the car. N had converted a Honda into an electric vehicle. We love playing Pawns, otherwise known as chess. I'm giving up my turn writing thi... Hey, I gotta go play chess! :-0


  • Age of Empires has a very nice feature: two people can play the same civilization, as a single player. This is different from teaming up, because you can give conflicting orders to the villagers. My wife and I love to play this way, especially when we can play against... I mean, with... our other friends.

    Unfortunately, if you want to play with multiple players behind a firewall, and at least one player outside the firewall, you're out of luck: DirectPlay doesn't allow you to remap the ports.

    One solution is to set up a VPN. That way the players behind the firewall can keep their IP addresses, and the players outside the firewall look like they're on the local LAN. Businesses often use a VPN service, and one even comes with Windows (PPTP). I recently set up a gaming LAN with OpenVPN. Here's how.

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