I was asked to play Santa for my friend's neighborhood again this year. This is my third time; apparently I'm doing a good job.

This year, the fire truck was called away on an emergency just as they arrived. Then they got a second call immediately afterwards. I figured their work is more important than mine, so I stood outside on the corner and waved to all the cars. The drivers seemed to get a kick out of that.

One poor kid spotted me from his yard, and stood there for thirty minutes waiting for the fire truck to bring me around. Without my glasses, it was hard to tell, but I kept hearing him shouting to me.

Instead of a basket truck, this year one of the water trucks came around. I got to sit high up above the cab, next to the big light and the water cannon. My friend always envies this trip. I must admit, it's quite a thrill.

I didn't run out of candy this year, and my friend got to climb on the fire truck afterwards! She seemed quite happy.

Thanks, Melynda! I can't wait for next year!