What's wrong with this picture?

This has been one of the most frustrating weeks of my life. I know I've got to get the car rolling, at least for a week or two, so the bigwigs at work don't think they've wasted their time and money putting in a charging space. I've got a plan to get Silent E back on his feet.

But I can't get anything done! All week we've had activities scheduled that get in the way.

Update 2008-05-01: embarrasing pictures.

Monday and Tuesday I teach Math Superstars, so I had to work late to make up hours. Tuesday, Tatiana played Curious George at the book fair, and we didn't make any good family plans, so I had to take over and make sure everyone got fed. (Tatiana had a blast!) I also managed to get to Ace, but they were out of 8mm x 1.25 taps.

In despair, desperate to make progress, I ordered two new brushes and two spares from EVParts.com. Of course, to get them by Saturday, I needed to order them by Express Mail. Shipping cost slightly more than the four brushes.

Thursday Eri chaperoned the 7th grade field trip, despite feeling sick, and plans went all to rubbish again. I managed to find an Ace with a tap, though. Friday Eri was fully diseased, Melissa caught it, Kayla came home with pinkeye, and I had to work late to make up all the hours I'd missed. But EVParts came through: the brushes had been delivered practically overnight!

Today I had to take care of sickies. I wanted a full day, but I didn't even get started until 5PM. I tapped the full-size bolt hole, then started on the the midget hole.

Go ahead, stare. Get it over with.

I broke the tap off in the hole. The world is against me.

Frustrated beyond forbearance, I installed the new brushes, just to prove that I wasn't beaten. I'm going to call Jim Husted and ask him if I can run the brushes with just three bolts. Otherwise, I don't know what I can do. How do you drill through a tap?