I've been doing development for many years -- usually for other people. Since the Palm has a free development environment, I can write the things I want to. This page lists the Palm programs I've written. Feel free to download whatever catches your fancy.

So far the programs are free, but I've always hoped people would find them useful and donate a small amount so I could continue development. I decided to make it easy: just click to donate through PayPal! You decide how much.

Available Programs

  • Roshambo!
    Latest version: 1.2.4
    Rated 4 stars! by ZDNet
    Roshambo screenshot Roshambo is (supposedly) phonetic French for "Rock Paper Scissors." Indeed, that's exactly what you've got here, although I've always called it Stone, Paper, Scissors. An absolute must-have for decision making and dispute resolution, this works with either two players via infrared beam or against the computer. 1.2.4 fixed a bug in 1.2.3.

  • Contraction Timer
    Latest version: 2.12.3
    Contraction Timer screenshot Contraction Timer is a utility for keeping track of a pregnant woman's labor. It calculates how far apart and how long the contractions are, lets you take notes, and keeps a log you can scroll through. The midwives at Special Beginnings in Orlando, FL have seen it and think it's great! And now it's GPL!

  • Ringer
    Latest version: still in development
    Ringer screenshot Ringer is a puzzle game, with overtones of Blackout. Originally developed for the Timex Sinclair, Ringer has been redeveloped on every machine I've ever programmed, and it turns out to be a natural for the Palm. Testers have described it as challenging, but not frustrating. Ringer is not quite ready for release, thanks to some information from the Gremlin debuggers.

As more Palm programs are developed or released, they'll show up here.