I once signed up for a blog advertising service. They wouldn't take me because they supposedly found a gap of more than one week in my entries. Ever since, I've tried to make at least one entry a week.

Now I've hit my Christmas and Hannukah rush. I'm doing so many things: painting my car (entry coming soon!), working, trying to get Serendipity stuff done, shopping... and my friends have discovered Facebook. I just don't have much time for blogging.

Besides, it was getting to be a burden. Why should I blog when I don't have something interesting to say? (Then again, I suppose that something interesting happens every day. But I don't want to spout off about every little thing that happens.)

So I am officially throwing off the oppression of blogging! I don't blog any more. I update my website whenever I have something interesting to present.

Ha! Take that, blog advertisers! I may never make money off this website, but that's not why I created it, anyway. I'm publishing to improve the world! Anybody who wants my programs, tutorials, or experience in parenting and EV conversion can benefit as long as I can afford to keep the website going.