I did tell you that I have to handle a lot of stuff in June, right? Especially birthdays?

Nathan's birthday is the latest. This weekend we had our monthly family get-together, where we celebrated Nathan's birthday, Tatiana's birthday, and Father's Day. For Nathan's birthday, we all went in together and purchased the parts to upgrade his computer. Luckily, NewEgg had a cheap motherboard + CPU combo just in time.

I'm doing the work now. I'm copying his drives onto a backup, just in case. The new motherboard only handles two of those obsolete PATA drives, so I'll have to crush both of his current ones onto a single drive. Luckily, he's got lots of free space.

When it's all done, he'll have a 3.0GHz Athlon64 with 1.5GB of memory (partly shared with an onboard nVidia chipset). He wanted to play Uru; this should do that with plenty of guts to spare for whatever he wants to play for the next two years!

Happy Birthday, Nathan!