Tatiana has been participating in mathematics competitions since she got into middle school. Last night was her third and final middle school math honor banquet.

Omi came with us. Since we can't leave Opi and Kayla at home alone, we left them with our good friends Jim and Melissa. (Thanks loads, guys!)

Mr. White, the math teacher, handed out door prizes to all the kids. He told us all about the team accomplishments -- Jackson Heights always does amazingly well -- and each individual kid's accomplishments. These three years, one particular girl (not Tatiana) has demonstrated that she's one of the best students he's seen in his 36 years of teaching. So Tatiana had plenty of competition.

Tatiana was on a few first-place teams, placed in many competitions, and even took first place in a logic test. (Maybe she'll be a programmer after all!) We're quite proud of her, and especially proud of all the effort she's put into her academics: she's been a straight-A student for as long as she's gotten grades.

Congratulations, Tatiana!