I know it's been a while; I've been busy! The visit with Omi and Opi is over, and life has gone back to what passes for normal around here.

But the big attraction right now is my kids.

Tatiana graduated from 3 years of middle school with all straight As. She's been working hard for that! And her teachers awarded her the "good character" award for the second time. Congratulations, Tatiana!

(I would also like to record for posterity that I have promised my daughter Tatiana that if she graduates from the 9th grade pre-IB program with straight As, and chooses to move on to the IB program, I will purchase her a laptop computer of modern specifications which she will continue to own until she drops out of the IB program.)

Melissa is moving on to middle school, again with straight As. She scored the highest possible score on both her FCAT Writes and FCAT Reads: 5! Congratulations, Melissa!

Kayla is attending Tuskawilla Montessori's 1st - 3rd grade class next year. She's improved quite a lot in listening to her teachers. She took some CATs this year, and fell in the 98th - 99th percentile in every category! Her reading grade level is 3.5! Congratulations, Melissa!

Congratulations, kids! I'm proud of all of you!