Today was the "A Honor Roll" Breakfast. My eldest daughter has been getting straight As since she started middle school, and every grading period they hold one of these breakfasts. Those of mathematical inclination can tell what grade she's in from the information that I've eaten six servings of institutional scrambled eggs now. Certainly that's close to a lifetime maximum or something?

Today my car (that hatchback I've been hypermiling with) was fixed, too. $500 for a new breather box, PCB valve, grommet, gasket, oil change, etc. It's still in cosmetically horrible condition, and it's still burning a little bit of oil.

At the Breakfast, they handed the kids little prizes. The one-time students got a lanyard. The repeat students got something small and white. We couldn't tell what it was from our vantage.

My wife leaned over and said to me, "I hope it's another bumper sticker. We can put it on your car."

I replied, "Just what I need. It can say, "My car is a piece of crap, but my kid is on the A Honor Roll".

It was a three-pointed highlighter, by the way. Red, yellow, and green highlighters in a triangular white body.