Today I took Tatiana to school, then turned around and went to work.

I didn't check the distance.

By the time I made it to UCF, I was more than half done. Voltage was dropping to 105V during acceleration. I never let it get below 110V. I switched to a lower gear, figuring that slower acceleration and creeping along would get me to work, and turned on the emergency lights.

Less than a mile later, it was dropping to 96V under anemic acceleration. I was passing my kids' old preschool, but I figured I could just switch to first and make it to work.

My voltage fell off a cliff. Less than half a mile down the road, it was at 88V just maintaining 25MPH. I pulled into the police station. Resting voltage was only 116V.

I asked if I could plug in, pointing to the soda machine's outlet. The lady behind the window said, "Sure." I had to turn around and back into the space, because my cord was too short.

20 minutes later, I finished my trip to work. I was dropping to 108V on acceleration, but resting voltage was 120V. I plugged in, cranked the current up to 14A, and left it all day.

There doesn't seem to be any permanent damage. We'll see in the next few days.

Update 2009-01-22: it's 6 miles round trip to Tatiana's school. That means I made it about 11 miles, killing the batteries for the last mile or so. So, in 40F weather, my effective range is about 10 miles.