Virtually nothing got done this weekend. Starting Thursday, I had terrible... gastrointestinal problems. Yeah, let's just leave it at that. Saturday was the kids' swim meet, where I got such a sunburn that I broke out in hives. This, despite using SPF 50 sunscreen. By the end of Saturday, the digestive problems were mostly resolved (O.M.G.), but I was itchy and peeling. Sunday I still had hives on the sunburn, and I started getting little pimples. Tatiana spiked a fever and felt nauseous, which didn't help the trip to and from Daytona at all. I largely resisted the urge to scratch. Then, this morning, I woke up with eyes so puffy they were hard to open. The doctor prescribed a steroid, an antihistamine, and an antibiotic.

And that, friends, is the definition of a rough weekend. No pictures, because, really, nobody wants to see that.